Texas Showdown 2013

April 13-15, 2013 — Level|Up produces the stream for the return of an iconic[…]

Call of Duty Championship 2013

Level|Up partners with ESS Agency to produce one of four streams for the Call of[…]

Southern California Regionals 2013

January 2013 – Level|Up collaborates with Fighting Gamers @ UCI for SCR 2013.[…]

Arcade Relief 24-hour Stream-a-Thon

December 2012 – Level|Up produces a 24-hour charity stream-a-thon to help[…]

ATLUS Fighting Championships

November 2012 – Level|Up teams up with ATLUS and Mad Catz to host a new and[…]

Youmacon 2012

November 2012 – Level|Up partners with the Youmacon Anime Convention in Detroit,[…]

Monster After Party Stream

June 2012 – Level|Up teams up with Monster Energy Drink to stream the Barcraft[…]

Persona 4 Arena Launch Event

August 2012 – Level|Up celebrates the Atlus release of Persona 4 Arena.

SBO Qualifiers

June 2012 – Level|Up and Super Arcade team up to host the annual Super Battle[…]

Caipang/Muhawij Wedding

August 2012 – Level|Up streams its first wedding from Hawk Ranch in Temecula,[…]

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