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Level | Up runs the tightest ship in the streaming business. They have a long history in the community, incredible dedication, smart commentary, and unparalleled technology. I selected them to run the stream for Capcom’s recent Super Street Fighter IV launch event in Los Angeles, and it was hands-down the best stream we’ve ever seen. They are the ultimate one-stop broadcasting solution.
Seth Killian, Strategic Director, Online and Community - CAPCOM
Working with the team at Level|Up countless times show why they are the leaders in providing excellent service and working with specific needs in this ever growing industry. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Level|Up over the past few years and seeing their growth and productivity in this short amount of time is a testament to their unparalleled planning and logistics, a great indicator of their bright and limitless future. I look forward to working with Level|Up again in every way. Keep up the great work!
Mark “MarkMan” Julio, Global Sponsorship & Community Manager - Mad Catz Interactive

Sega of America teamed up with Level|Up for our Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Pre-Launch event.  It was a pleasure working with Alex and Jimmy. Their vast connection within the fighting game community as well as their expertise in hosting  fighting game events and tournaments were invaluable to our event’s success. They definitely helped make our event unforgettable to many Virtua Fighter fans. Thank you!

Mai Kawaguchi, Sr. Brand Manager - Sega of America
The LevelUp crew has stood out as the premier fighting game broadcasting organization since the day they announced they’d be opening shop back in February of 2010. LevelUp’s philosophy has always been to elevate the scene to the next level, and in this pursuit I believe they have succeeded unequivocally. From the biggest weekly fighting game events to the biggest regional tournaments, you can always count on LevelUp to push the envelope when it comes to a professional and entertaining broadcast experience.
Ben "Fishstix" Goldhaber, Outreach Manager - Twitch.TV
Level Up’s quality video streams offer viewers engaging gaming content with invaluable insight, all of which is supported by an extremely passionate community.  We’re always excited when one of our titles can be featured!
Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales - Atlus
In my experience, there is no other organization with as much attention to detail and willingness to listen to the requests of both competitors and affiliated companies.
James Xie, Marketing / Public Relations Coordinator - Aksys Games