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Wednesday Night Fights
Wednesday Night Fights

Wednesday Night Fights

Street Fighter 4 Wednesday Nights Fights is a place where friends, new comers, and veterans grind out the highest quality competition Southern California has to offer.  Mentored by Street Fighter Legend Alex “CaliPower” Valle, WNF features tutorials, top player matches with commentary, and various viewer participation events via our live stream broadcast at

WNF History:

Feb 2009, Street Fighter 4 was released to the world and mainstream competition was in high demand.  The arcade version was no longer the standard, which left players grinding at home playing online with hopes of finding worthy opponents.  As a result, the community’s training regimens and tournament performance has suffered the ultimate price – progression.

In the summer of 2009, Southern California’s Street Fighter Legend Alex “CaliPower” Valle and Daniel “SHGLBMX” Tam established Wednesday Night Fights.  Throughout various trial and error gathering experiences, Alex and Daniel pursued the goal of leveling up the community in ways to cater to friends, new comers, or veterans in the scene with the highest quality of competition.  As WNF became more popular, AJ “PotatoHead” Papa came on board to broadcast the event.

Today, Wednesday nights is a staple in the community for the nation’s highest quality Street Fighter competition.

Previous WNF Seasons:

WNF Dave & Buster’s

WNF Hollywood Park Casino

WNF Proud Bird

WNF Summer Edition – Four Points Sheraton

WNF Arcade Edition – Super Arcade, Walnut, CA

Photos by Bryan Gateb.

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