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About Level Up

Our mission

Level Up is committed to providing innovative, unparalleled content creation and distribution as well as brand awareness through inventive, live internet streaming and event consulting services.

Who we are

Level Up is an event production and broadcast solution that showcases your brand to global audiences. We are:

  • Producers of high-quality, inventive live streaming broadcasts
  • An authentic, innovative company positively unifying local and international communities
  • Committed to providing an inclusive and memorable experience for gamers and our audiences alike
  • Tournament organizers for the competitive gaming community

Level Up is Live Internet Broadcasting.

With high quality production, directing, and an adaptive regimen, Level|Up provides entertainment with programming consisting of consumer product reviews, tournaments, special event coverage, tutorials, and footage of professional gamers.

By incorporating the technologies of our content delivery networks, we are able to bring this diverse programming to a global audience.

Streaming services, and, are used for our live internet broadcasts. Viewers unable to attend our streamed events can join others and enjoy the high quality coverage provided by the Level|Up streaming staff at

Built on a fused foundation of player experience, technology, and organization, Level|Up is committed to bringing quality entertainment to the world.

Gaming. Entertainment. Innovation.

Level|Up actively works to improve the cohesion, collaboration, and awareness of local and worldwide communities by focusing on elements that are socially accepted; gaming and entertainment.

Level|Up brings a positive recreational atmosphere in gaming with others at events such as Wednesday Night Fights, Specialists, and premier tournaments. These events help defeat society’s video game pessimisms through infallible community appreciation, acceptance, and encouragement to any generation of gamers.

Wednesday Nights Fights is a gathering where friends, new comers, and veterans grind out the highest quality fighting game competition Southern California has to offer.

The Specialists is a special event where Southern California’s elite gamers gather for hours of fighting game sessions using various tournament formats.

Southern California Regionals is an annual event where players can test and prove the skills they have acquired during the year.


Alex Valle is an iconic figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.

Jimmy Nguyen is a long time gamer and former competitive player and has been helping with the coordination and execution of major fighting game tournaments for the past twelve years. With strict rules, regulations, and discipline, he ensures the plan is carried out from beginning to end. He is also the renaissance technician of the group, providing his expertise in event planning and execution, floor layouts, troubleshooting, audio and video applications, and business development.